Freez Discs : Our heroes possess 2 « Freez discs » stick on their belts with a magnet.
- Laser wire Cutter (See trailer), becomes laser cutter when thrown together.
- Shuriken: Blades can swing out of the discs.
- Computerized disc: GPS, Scanner, BDD WOOHP, Communicator tracker.
MPCOM : MP3 Communicator
Device communication that has a MP3 player/phone look but in fact has several precious spy functions : phone link with the Woohp, Scanner, clue analyzer.
Eye-Tech : permanently located behind the ears of our spies, with a simple click, the eye monocle shoots out projecting a computerized holographic image which can…
- Calculate probabilities.
- Indicate energy level of all the functions of the boots.
- Provide nocturne, infrared, or 100 meter telescopic vision.
- Shoot video image.
- Shoot High precision laser beam.
- Serve as E-Ear: short distance micro and receiver communicator.
Multifunctional boots : but have limited autonomy
- Magnetic: allows you to walk on all surfaces, wall, ceiling, window etc except for surfaces made of rock, soil, clay, brick or asphalt.
- Hyper Jumps
- Jet reactors: enable the kids to fly thanks to retractable reactors located on the side of each boot.