Likes to investigate, sly.
Overly competitive.

MEGAN (12 years) is an optimistic, high-energy girl who has been hanging out with her brothers forever. Her relationship with them is typical of this age: anything the boys can do SHE THINKS she can do better! The boys have to remind her that she’s “just a girl”, pushing her to become even more competitive.
Of the four spies, MEGAN prides herself on being the only one who can keep up with LEE’s athletic prowess – well almost keep up. She knows she can’t reveal her spy secret – and that’s cool with MEGAN who’s only real interest in being spy is that it gives her a big fat excuse to hang out with brothers. This feeling isn’t exactly mutual since the brothers –do their best to tolerate MEGAN, treating her like an unnecessary fourth wheel. But MEGAN’s kinda oblivious to this and considers herself ‘one of the boys’. But when one of the boys reminds her she’s ‘just a girl’, MEGAN will take a feminist stance as she kicks butt on behalf of women everywhere!