Other-uses-of-nail-polish-remover, moisten a cotton swab with nail polish remover, and gently dab laptop keys to restore them to their original condition. soak an old cloth, then dab coffee- or tea-stained areas; rinse off the nail .... There’s a lot more to nail polish remover than noxious chemicals, a deadly odor and naked nails. this handy house-bound acetone is the wd-40 of the cosmetics world, able to tackle all sorts of nasty jobs without requiring you break out tankards of toxins. as with all poisons, however, keep nail polish remover out of … continue reading 16 uses for nail polish remover…other than the ..., it turns out nail-polish remover works like magic for erasing more than just last week’s manicure. if you have a bottle of nail-polish remover lying around, you can use it to clean a myriad of household stains and scuffs, all thanks to the acetone in it (fyi, non-acetone nail-polish removers won't work for these hacks)..

Nail polish remover is not just for nails. oh no, this multi-tasking product can do a multitude of tasks around the home. nail polish removers come in two forms: acetone and non-acetone.acetone is the best solvent for breaking down the hard coating of nail polish., acetone-based nail polish remover is great for removing nail polish, and it's also great for some diy uses around the home. from eliminating scratches to fixing the consistency of correction fluid, its uses are varied but all effective..

Nail polish remover is a girl's best friend. it can be used not only for its main purpose but also for a bunch of other uses around your house. this product can be used for cleaning different items and surfaces. here, i've prepared a short list of other uses of nail polish remover most of which emphasize on it's cleaning powers., 10 unusual uses for nail polish: if you're anything like me you have bottles of nail polish building up in your desk drawer from years ago. what you might not know is there are plenty of ways to put that nail polish to use besides just decorating your fingers. here are 10 new u....

18 things you never knew you could fix with nail polish. juliana labianca. how to make the most of your nail polish, from wedding day dress emergencies to handy ways to fix a chipped tile., how to remove nail polish without using remover. if you're desperate to remove nail polish, but you don't have any nail polish remover, don't worry. you can get your old nail polish off using a variety of common household products. use....

No one wants to show up at a party with chipped nail polish. picture this – you’re running late, trying to slip one shoe on after the other, and you suddenly catch sight of your nails and witness the horribly chipped polish that has been there since the past week and a half.

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